The Cloud is a Fun Place to Be

You have heard too much about fun, and most of it is not fun at all – but more like pain. Nevermind, we are told – they are much the same thing!

I am learning programming, again – because it is so entertaining. It’s not hard, great stuff keeps popping into my inbox – and all I have to do is read it, get a good laugh – and if it is really good – pass it on.

I am reading a good, free book now What is Serverless? And it is directing me to – – written by Charity Majors – and published on WordPress – the great blogging service I also use.

Charity is a woman – but a somewhat (shall we say) – unconventional one.

Check it out for yourself.



High School Sweethearts

I have seen several cases where these married – with not very satisfactory results. Adolescent infatuation (or any infatuation) is not a good basis for a lasting relationship. Parents should make it clear, what such attractions are to their children – and do their best to make sure nothing serious results.

If something serious does result – everyone is in trouble, including the children that show up – who have no idea what brought them on the stage. What parts are they supposed to act?

Some children, if the are gifted – can tell what parts they are supposed to play, and even add a few of their own. But this is very demanding work, and usually shortens their life.

One example of this was Leonard Bernstein – the son of a typical Jewish family in a New York City. that was full of them. He was able to use all this to his advantage as a symphony conductor and someone who explained classical music to everyone else.

I hope you can watch him do this, in a Medici movie about Mahler. Lenny is a genius – he is also homosexual, but does not mention this.

I Have to Judge the World

I am different this way – I not only have to be, I also have to judge. The vast majority of people avoid both, as if they were death itself.

Bear with me, while I get my thinking sorted out here. This is a huge subject, full of landmines, for those who do not tread carefully.

The basic fact is simple – I know things are going on, because my senses tell me they are. Like the tiny ants, that walk across the screen of my computer – I can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. And more – I know that I am – I am conscious. They ants get along fine without this luxury. If they could think, they would probably think themselves better off, without such extra baggage.

However, since I am human (through no choice of my own) I have to accept this extra stuff. I not not only have to be – I have to judge the rest of the world. But I have to keep this in mind – my judgements are for my consumption only. The rest of the world can get along just fine without them.

We have to accept that our extra abilities, often as not, get us into serious trouble – we end up killing each other – and enjoying this. But, more likely, it seems to me – we also enjoy helping each other.

Our biggest problem – is knowing when are being one way or the other. I see this problem frequently – and I am certain, it is a biggie.

Functions in Psychology and Programming

I am studying Functional Programming, and also William James’ Essays in Radical Empiricism, a basic text in another field: Psychology.

Let me quote from the later:

For twenty years past I have mistrusted ‘consciousness’ as an entity; Let me then immediately explain that I mean only to deny that the word stands for an entity, but to insist most emphatically that it does stand for a function.

There is, I mean, no aboriginal stuff or quality of being, contrasted with that of which material objects are made, out of which our thoughts of them are made; but there is a function in experience which thoughts perform, and for the performance of which this quality of being is invoked. That function is knowing.

I could not find such a clear and succinct definition of function in Functional Programming – and in fact, from my exposure to function in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud – I can see it is something else there (just what, I am not sure). So I have come up with one of my own (using F# terminology):

Problems can be solved by the use of modules of functions. Input data passes through these, and is transformed into output data. The functions themselves must not change – and this restriction is what makes this type of programming so important.

It also makes it applicable to programming only – everything in the real word, that we use to manage things, changes – often radically. Perhaps we should make these more stable – and our world would become more manageable.

Psychology speaks of experiences, Programming speaks of data. Functions, in either case – are what manages this basic stuff.

The 9/11 Commission Report

After 9/11, the American government commissioned this report – in an effort to understand what had happened. Americans have paid no attention to it – even though it explains the Islamic terrorist movement quite well.

But they did pay attention to their government’s reaction to it – the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Which they supported enthusiastically. Their logic was simple – they had tried to kill us, and we would now kill them.

And they were not too particular about who the enemy was – or even who was was going to kill them. As long as some people got killed – or locked up in Guantanamo.

This whole episode can stand as a case study in terrorism and counter-terrorism.


Psychology today suffers from what Science itself suffers from – people do not want to know what is going on. Especially with themselves.

They suffer enormously from this ignorance – one of the fundamental attributes of humans is their curiosity – and their decision to abandon this means – they have abandoned themselves – and have invented social suicide.

Quite an invention – and something no one expected. But looking back at it – it was the logical result of society’s internal forces – that persons, such as Nietzsche could see – easily enough.

People now know something is wrong, and they are looking everywhere for it – except in themselves. For the best of reasons – their darker side, that they had studiously ignored, for a hundred years – has taken over.

Man has always contained both Good and Evil – and the struggle between them, has always been one of his chief preoccupations. And his decision to abandon this struggle, has been fatal.

Upload Instructions for the Sony W800/S

The user manual for this is minimal, and says nothing about how to upload your photos and videos to your computer. I had to figure this out for myself.

The first time you do this, Windows will have to find, and install a USB driver for your camera. You will have to upload all of your photos and videos at the same time, to the same folder. Once they are in your computer, you can rearrange them as you please.

Start off with with the camera turned off. Connect the USB cable to the camera and the computer. Turn on the camera, You will now see three screens on the Windows Explorer. Select the one smallest one, and select Import Pictures and Video on it. Provide a name for the folder they will be uploaded to on your computer. A window will open, showing the contents of this folder in your computer.

Disconnect the USB cable. Turn off the camera.