Why I Use the Microsoft Cloud

Because it is the only cloud with a built-in IDE (Visual Studio). I can’t work without with one of these – and I don’t see how anybody else can. They must have high-powered minds – that can work in the Computer stratosphere, that is accessible only to demigods.

I tried to use NetBeans with AWS – which is supposed to be possible, but I couldn’t understand how to do it. I got lost in the finer details of the AWS encoding system – or more accurately, systems – that are designed be as general as possible, but take more brainpower than I have.

All the other clouds (and I have tried most of them) were enough to drive me to drink.


This word has two connotations, that sometimes overlap. The first is a matter of brute force – accept what I say, and obey my orders. The second is more supportive – you know how I have behaved in the past, and you can trust me to behave in the same way in the future.

In Software, an advanced area, where people are acting sensibly – trust does not even come up. You can use the Internet, because you use established protocols, that everyone has agreed on. It just works, and no trust is required.

This area is advancing rapidly because everyone builds on the work of others – they know how these technical advances work, and they know how to use them. No trust is involved.

This is such an important point, I want to reiterate it – people trust the Computer (and its Software) because they know it works. They may not know how it works – but they know it works.

Compare this to the operation of the Market, that the Economy depends on. It is prone to periodic crashes, because it cannot be trusted. Either due to internal instability (of many kinds) – or to outright fraud. Or combinations of the two.

I refer you to A high-stakes gamble: How Jared Kushner reacted to previous crises. This guy is gambling with other people’s money – and should not be trusted. But he has plenty of support in high places (including President Trump, his father-in-law).

This is corruption – that is all too common in today’s world.

A world that cannot be trusted.

Learn American History the Easy Way

Listen to The History of the United States, 2nd Edition

Each lesson lasts 30 minutes – and some of them were so interesting (and so complicated) I listened to them twice!

American history was nothing like I thought it was – these very capable historians make sure of that.

A New Force is In Control of the World

And it has taken control so easily, we were not aware of it.

It is the Media – or more precisely, the Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It has taken control because it has made everything so easy for its users – they do not have to think, and they are reluctant to start thinking again.

This has made it very easy for other people to do their thinking for them.

As a result, all our money goes into Advertising – because this controls everything! And advertising, I don’t have to tell you – is not overly concerned with honesty.

Quite the opposite – it is concerned with making dishonesty work for those in control – the people who can pay for all those advertisements.

Computer Science

I saw some of these guys in action, back in Silicon Valley, in the Nineties. And they made it abundantly clear they had no idea what they were doing, And they were part of an industry that had no idea what it was doing.

All I could do was get out of there – and move to Costa Rica – where I still live. But lately, I have been studying Software Development – as a hobby – and they finally seem to know that they are doing. Computer Science is finally becoming a Science.

And this always starts by defining a problem (very carefully!) – then solving it (they hope!) – and then testing the solution. If it fails the tests – you start over – wiser for the experience.

This entire cycle can be completed quickly (in a matter of weeks) and it gets faster all the time. In some cases, this is done daily – working on one piece of code at a time. Everything is structured to keep the pieces (the microservices) from running over each other.

A big part of the job is organizing the work, before starting it. This takes smarts (lots of smarts!) – and learning from experience – everyone’s experience. And getting the best brains they can buy.

They spend a lot of time going to conferences, and taking classes – listening to the solutions (and failures) of others – building frameworks that make it easy for others to perform common work (and lots of other code that anyone can use) – writing books, and reading books – endlessly.

They are perfecting their Science.

We Concentrated on Winning so Much, That We Lost It

We lost it. That pretty much summarizes the 20th Century. Especially the last half of it, that I lived through personally. The period from the American Civil War, WWI, the Depression, and WWII – was not a piece of cake either. Coming out of WWII, we made an honest attempt to do better – that’s what the United Nations was for. But we failed miserably.

What I want to do this morning, is look at the American obsession on Winning – that, in the last analysis – has done us no good. Because we did not take a careful look at what we were trying to do.

Winning was a metaphor from warfare, that was adopted everywhere in Europe – by Great Britain, France, and Holland – who established and maintained – dependent countries in Africa and Southeast Asia. America joined this colonization with its takeover of the Philippines.

Winning, in this context, meant forcing weaker people to give their resources to stronger people. And it is still going on, but not as successfully. The gasoline that people put in their cars, came from countries ruled by the worst kind of people.

The context changed with the arrival of TV – that allowed people everywhere to see how the affluent lived – and to demand the same for themselves. And also made possible new dictatorships – that controlled the Television that their subjects saw.

Winning meant winning control of the Media – and continues to be that, with the introduction of the Computer. People’s minds had been taken over – and they could be easily managed, by those in control.

Winning meant taking control of people’s minds.

Which was not that hard. Mentally, we were still cave-dwellers – and easily influenced. We were technically advanced – but socially retarded.

We have to back off a notch – and remember what has happened to us. Our minds had been taken over.

And now we have to get them back.

Driver Updates

Your laptop computer has a lot of software in it. It’s basically a small number of chips (that don’t cost much) – tied together with some software that makes it all work together.

My computer, for example, uses the Intel CORE 13 microprocessor chip – a huge thing containing a number of processors that have to work together – using parallel processing. Intel provides drivers to do this (small blocks of software, designed to make their chips do their thing).

Intel also works with Microsoft to make its Windows operating system work with Intel’s hardware and software. Handholding is going on all over the place. With everything talking to everything else. This is how it all works – very clever!

Except for one thing – these drivers are updated, but no one checks to see if these updated drivers are installed on your computer! The software company Cleverbridge took note of this, and came up with a solution. Its software would do this for you – scan your computer to detect the drivers that are installed (mine has nearly a hundred) to see if they are up to date, and if they aren’t – bring them up to date!

I bought their software – but it didn’t work! Since I bought it using PayPal, I used PayPal to complain to Cleverbridge.

What happened next amazed me. They came out with an update to their software, that worked – and they refunded my $30!

I hardly know what to say.