My Poetry Pick for This Month

Socratic by Jacqueline Jones Lamon 

Poetry Magazine has so much poetry, it’s hard to make a pick, but this one is extra good!

What We Have to do First

Is carefully assess our problem, which is this  – most people have dropped out of the world, and are not interested in it. Which means other people are now responsible for making things work.

These people have a powerful tool to help them – the Computer, and its Software. They can use the techniques of Software Development for Human Development. Don’t look at me that way – I am serious about this!

I am babysitting a new Windows 10 laptop – and and learning from the experience. The Chinese company that built it (for a low price, it is true) left a lot for me to figure out for myself. And Microsoft did not want anything Google on it. I had to be smarter than they are, to make it right for me – which was hard, but not too hard.

Now I can use Google’s apps (such as their Chrome browser) and learn to program in F#, using Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Mix and Match!

And there are other things I am learning, just by hanging around the Software community – and seeing what they are interested in.

For example – Microservices. People can look at how this is done, in software – and adapt it to almost anything. At least anything in the Developed world – which is used to the idea of development. 

You can learn from anything – even a computer.

Sex is Not Nice

Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence

You already knew this – or did you? Esther Perel is making me take a new look.

I’m not in any danger of developing an active sex life – all that is long behind me. But she is making me notice how I take notice of all the women around me – at what parts of their bodies I take especial notice of. A primitive part of my brain is still interested in you-know-what.

She notes that sex predated Civilization and the Enlightenment – by millions of years. And operates along different lines – that are not interested in the niceties of life.

Why is America in the Middle East?

Foreign Affairs

The answer originally was “Because that is where all the oil was – in Saudi Arabia!” America allowed a handful of radical Islamic sheiks to dictate its foreign policy for the whole region.

It did not come up with a foreign policy of its own – especially towards radical Islam – whose policy is simple “Get rid of America!”

America could have said, in response “You have to chose between a tribal past or a global future. We will not force this decision on you – you have to decide for yourself.”

The average person would not have to understand this – they would just listen to what their preachers said. America would have to convince them – that joining America was in their best interest.

That’s all.

I Gotta VPN

Just what I always wanted!

Perhaps, like me, you wonder what a VPN is – check this out. Impressed?

I have been trying to use AWS, the Amazon Cloud – the best one out there.

I got a free account, and decided to set up a virtual personal computer on it, so I could do some F# programming there – using its EC2 service. I got my virtual computer, but could not figure out how to use it. Something was wrong, and their technical support told me:

Your instance security group rules show that, you are only allowing RDP connection from Ip address. If you IP address changed or RDP’ing from different location, modify this security groupo rule to allow connection from your IP address or for testing purpose, allow RDP connection from

RDP stands for their virtual desktop, that you can use to program your virtual machine. The rest of the message mean nothing to me. AWS has given me powerful new capabilities I never asked for!

I now have to learn a vast range of skills, just to become Cloud Literate. Perhaps I should have just left the thing alone.

But The Beast has been awakened, and has grabbed us by the balls!

Writing F#, Using Visual Studio

Microsoft technologies

I’m too old for this kid stuff! As we used to say (about sex) “I’m old enough to know better, but too young to resist”.

From my experience in Silicon Valley – I knew there had to be a better way to write software. And Functional Programming is probably that way.

So why isn’t it used more? Because it uses a different programming paradigm – that makes programmers think differently – but also because the companies who hire these programmers – are not interested in better software.

How many products have you used, that are hard to use? Or don’t work at all?

You probably thought something was wrong with you – but it was probably the software.

Critical Thinking

This is something most Americans no longer want to do.

They can think about the small problems of everyday life – but not the big problems that are doing them in.

They will react indignantly to anyone’s suggestion that their problem-solving powers are not up to the job. That they are in big trouble, because they cannot see what is going on. When this is clearly the case.

Their critical reasoning powers have moved into their unconscious minds – where they can act without being observed.

This discovery of the Unconscious was one of the major discoveries of our time – but this knowledge has been strongly resisted. I can remember my Mother saying, as strongly as she could “I am not an animal!” When she was the mother of four children, formed in the usual manner – by her unconscious body.

If I had access to her unconscious mind, I would have seen some powerful, conflicting forces – that she did not want to know about. The struggle of her entire race was going on there. A struggle reduced to its simplest elements – the life-and-death struggle between Good and Evil. In which I played a minor role.

This universal struggle has been played out in the last several centuries, all over the world – with puzzling results. The most important of which – has been our determination to not see this struggle at all! But to participate in it unconsciously.

In our own lives, we enact the struggle between Success and Failure. And it is not clear which one is going to win.