Three Pounds in One Day

I would not have thought it possible: to gain three pounds in one day – after all it takes me about 10 days to lose that much. I can hear you guys laughing now, but I can hardly blame you: people always enjoy someone else’s foolishness. I wonder what the world’s record is – it must be an astronomical amount.

This happened on my trip to Turrialba. I went to a Chinese restaurant and had a  fried rice with two beers, followed by some marshmallows (a secret vice of mine). It was only a half serving of rice, but I could just barely finish it, even in my inebriated state – two beers and I am plastered. I was barely conscious on the bus back, and I was exhausted by the time I lugged my luggage back across the bridge to La Alegria. When I went to sleep, which was easy, I had some really weird dreams.

Now I am back on the wagon again – I hope.


One thought on “Three Pounds in One Day

  1. Hal, this has happened to me b before too, but it is usually water retention. If I have eaten something salty, such as popcorn or pepironi pizza, I will gain several pounds until I can get that water retentive stuff out of my system.

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