People are not Machines, but Organizations are

I recently realized that people are not machines, and this has been quite a shock to me. I am convinced that most do not realize the difference, overlook it, and carry on as machines without realizing it – this was most certainly the case for me. This behavior is most clearly seen at work – where they are clearly part of a machine – which in turn is part of the ultimate machine: the global economy.

Now that it is becoming clear to us that the global economy is not working, we need to look at it more carefully, and see what is wrong with it. To my mind, the problem is obvious – it is not people-oriented, and so it can hardly be expected to produce results that are good for people – or for life in general. But this is the last thing it wants to do – it insists on operating like a machine, and becoming more and more like a machine. And the people in it are so reduced to being machines themselves, they cannot object.

I said they have become machines – just what does that mean? It means they have lost any direction of their own – and have become completely controlled by the grand machine – which gives everyone its own role to occupy – and no other.

The Grand Machine is totalitarian, ruthless, and destructive. It may cover this by sponsoring humanitarian causes, which it points to proudly. These are financed by a fixed amount of its profits – less than 5 percent – which leaves 95 percent for business as usual.

People have become so used to being treated as machines – most importantly, by their parents – that they cannot be human beings – and cover this inadequacy with all kinds of possessions and compulsive activities.

At the unconscious level – the level that counts – they are determined to destroy the world that has destroyed them.


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