Economic Conquest

Empires used to be formed by military conquest; now they are formed by economic conquest. This change, which only happened in the last part of the last century, is one of the biggest changes the world has ever known – but it has been virtually unnoticed.

The Soviet Union was destroyed not by war, but by economic collapse.

America has been overwhelmed, not by China’s military – but by China’s manufacturing power.

America has been overwhelmed internally by its so-called financial industry, which is nothing but a cabal intent on raiding its money supply. Every business now acts like a pirate: plundering the American economy.

Any global business now intent on economic conquest of whatever is left of the world economy.

I could go on and on without asking the all-important question: what is economic conquest? The main idea is clear enough: economic conquest is the equivalent of military conquest. But far more is involved, including a change in ourselves, our attitudes and our goals.

What social objectives do we now have, as citizens of a new global order without any global government? Who (or what) controls us?

Are we capable of understanding our new selves, and this new mega-something-or-other?

Noam Chomsky, who I greatly admire, has given it a shot in an article in Aljakhbar, of all places. As a linguist, and also as a social critic, he believes there are ways to discover the operating rules for human behavior. And these rules, once discovered, will somehow save us.

I believe he is only partly right, he is the left hemisphere talking. The right hemisphere is far more understanding, and we need to use that also.


One thought on “Economic Conquest

  1. I said something very similar in another online venue just a few days ago. Imperial conquest no longer seeks annexation of territories, merely access to resources (materials and labor), which the stronger foreign power plunders and exploits without the moral problem of responsibility for the local population. But I like your term better: economic conquest. The logical conclusion is that the United States has already experienced a coup d’etat, though few want to recognize it.

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