Condemned to Live

Yes, this has amazed me too. Why me? I ask myself, I’m nobody special. But that doesn’t seem to matter. For some reason I will never know, I am here, and the world will have to put up with me for awhile longer.

To be fair, I must give myself some credit for my still being here. My rage saved me. I was determined to get even with the bastards – even though I had no clear idea of who the bastards were.

And I have to give credit to Social Security, who provided my retirement income, and to Costa Rica for a new home to live in. And for all the odds and ends left in the world that keep me entertained – such as the Internet. Life really isn’t so bad. It’s no bowl of cherries, but it’s not so bad.

I even have my drugs: caffeine and alcohol. Believe me, espresso is a drug – and alcohol is so dangerous it kills people all the time. Sugar used to be one of my drugs, but there are now artificial sweeteners that trick your pleasure centers much the same way – without all the calories.

Food is not so important anymore, my metabolism has slowed down so much it doesn’t need much. And I found out long ago that hunger, for me, is good for my bod.

And I have discovered that I do not have to get even with the bastards. As someone else has said: living a good life is the best revenge.


2 thoughts on “Condemned to Live

  1. Hi Hal. Nice smile at the world this morning. It’s surprising how good it can be without having to change much from what it was when it seemed rotten. Glad it’s good for you. Jules

  2. You are not quite right.

    A lot has changed, mostly internally. From the outside they may not look like much, but from the inside they are huge, and they are difficult.

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