Be In The World, But Not Of It

I never thought my religious background, which was the curse of my young life, would ever do me any good – but all of a sudden it has come to my rescue.

My family belonged to a small religion, more like a sect really, and one thing they hated was worldliness. The world was evil, and they wanted to have nothing to do with it. But they had a problem: how to live in the world without  being polluted by it. And even more than that: how to live perfect lives so they could convert the world to their religion – and thereby save it from its sins.

This must sound insane to you, and it is. But it is a dominant strand of Protestantism – and in an eerie way, much of Islam too. The urge to purify the world – and make it like us.

Having grown up with these people, I can testify that they are not good, once you look below their self-righteous surface.

My religious background made me totally unsuited for the world of business, which was not interested in righteousness at all – it was not even interested in any kind of goodness. This was not the fault of business, which can be used to do great good, but the fault of contemporary society – which I have described as being in a state of negative being – whose dominant trait is destructiveness, while being completely unaware.

As a result, as an adult I am in much the same social condition as I was in as a child. I am in a world I intensely disapprove of – and who intensely disapproves of me. Not a good situation to be in.

Having said that, the practical problem is how to cope with it. Or how to be in the world without being of it.

Right now I have no idea. This situation is unlike any other the human race has been faced with. We have dealt ourselves a bad deck of cards from which there does not appear to be an escape.

I am not asking for advice, I only want to tell other people where I am.


One thought on “Be In The World, But Not Of It

  1. The philosophy of many religions are similar. I can’t think of a religion that doesn’t frown on materialism. Religion is something to hold onto when there is nothing else within your grasp.

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