The American Revolution Was a Stupid Idea

I am not talking about the basic idea here, but its timing. If it had not been for France (and the French Fleet in particular) we would have lost the war. The British had to supply their troops entirely from a home base on the other side of the Atlantic. When the French Fleet started blockading the American ports, the war was over. Britain has spread itself too thin, and had to back off.

It was able to defeat the French Fleet later – and go on to build an empire. But that was later.

Much earlier, it failed to understand its American colonies, its most valuable possession – and lost them. History would have been much different if England has been smarter. The Americans were not much smarter – but they lucked out.

If they had been smarter, they would have carefully thought out their military situation, and devised a winning strategy before going to war. This would have involved something new: guerrilla warfare, which they could have learned easily from the Indians.

Benjamin Franklin even thought our troops should have used the bow and arrow – a good idea actually, since America had limited arms manufacturing capability and no gunpowder at all.

George Washington’s strategy left a lot to be desired. He could have dismissed his troops and sent them home for the winter – instead of keeping them at Valley Forge – and not attacking the British comfortably wintering in nearby New York even once!

When the British had to evacuate Philadelphia, this would have been the ideal time to have attacked them on their long trek out. But this was not done.

Washington was not much of a general, but was an excellent politician who managed to hold the country together then – and later during the Constitutional Convention and as its first President (a job he came to detest thoroughly).


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