Godlike Behavior

Cringely – Reagan and Newtown

Ronald Reagan was like this – a demigod in most American’s eyes. Just as Hitler was in German eyes in the Thirties. And the list goes on and on. All these leaders did one thing – they destroyed their followers. Which, we have to assume, was what they really wanted.

Theologians may demure – or they may simply note that confusing God with the Devil has been all too common. Everyone else should note that destruction (including self-destruction) is part of our human heritage – part of our dark side.

But let me return to our recent past – the time of Reagan’s ascendancy – which I can remember well. He destroyed America – and Americans loved him (or adored him) for it. He began with the destruction of California – which has never recovered.

It made no difference what he was really like – that hardly mattered. He was simply wonderful. And that was all that mattered.


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