My Bicycle Accident

This wasn’t a bad one. I ended up covered with mud (and I mean covered), but only a few scrapes and bruises, and and some torn clothing.

As I was going down the road a truck approached from the other side. a car passed me on the left, going the same way. It knocked me in the ditch to the right of the road. The truck stopped, but the car did not. My bicycle ended up on the other side of the road, in front of the truck, that had stopped.

At first, was I dazed, and could not remember where I lived – or almost anything else. Gradually, it came back to me, and they called an ambulance. A nice man, who had been very helpful, took my bicycle to a sugar mill, which was close by.

The Ambulance took me to my local medical clinic, where they updated my file – and suggested I get a shower, before anything else.

My landlord Ray, who is a RN, gave me some Aloe Vera gel to put on my scrapes.

Now I have have to rent a taxi to go bring my bicycle back home.

Life doesn’t always work out as we planned.


3 thoughts on “My Bicycle Accident

  1. Hal, we are glad you are OK too. That happened to me in Flagstaff once, and after that I rode in the middle of my lane so that cars would need to have more room to pass–it does not make them happy, but I felt safer. I’m sure you will be sore; hope you recover quickly.

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