Individuation and Imitation

The idea of Memes has been rejected by most people because they like to think of themselves as pure beings who have a soul – some kind of pure being that exists outside of their carnal existence. That they acquire at birth, and lives after them when they die.

This is clearly a religious belief – and a very strong one. But a very dangerous belief – because while the soul is a useful in poetry, for example, it should not be taken literally.

To me, the concepts of Individuation (an important contribution of Jung) and Imitation (which is what Memetics is based on) are not contradictory – but complementary. We do most of our learning by imitation (in learning a language, for example) but there is ample room for us to develop our our own character at the same time. Indeed, it this does not happen – we become psychotic – in all kinds of ways.

I refer you to my other posting this morning When our Minds Moved Outside of our Bodies. Which is about the impact of the Computer on us. We have to take this thing seriously – and work at understanding it. The basics of Software Development are not hard to understand. All we have to do is lift the covers and take a peek at it. As the MOOC Human-Computer Interaction does in shocking detail.

The Computer has been used to make Globalization – and to destroy us. All we have to do is realize this – and calmly set to work at repairing some of the damage. Which, however is much easier said than done. People will have to look where they have refused to look before.

And reset some social settings which they have become addicted to.


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