Why We Create Terrorism

I am reading Can We Survive Our Origins?: Readings in René Girard’s Theory of Violence and the Sacred (Studies in Violence, Mimesis, & Culture). This is the kind of reading I like – serious, solid stuff.

But the kind of reading most people instinctively avoid. He wants to explain how things are – but most people don’t want to be bothered with explanations of anything.

I have an objection to his theory – it overlooks an even more basic fact of life in our times – that the human race is self-destructing – for whatever the reason. He does mention this – but only in passing.

His theory does explain the rise of unrestricted warfare. Which he dates back to the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon. And which continues in our time with the war against extremist Islamists.

Read the Introduction to the book. It will start you thinking – what more can you ask?


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