A Culture Not Interested in Painting

This was the Midwestern culture in general – a vast stretch of land ranging from the Alleghenies in the east to the Rockies in the west, with some overlap into the lands just west of the Rockies, such as Utah and Idaho – Mormon country.

The Mormons had been Midwestern ever since they left Upstate New York for Ohio, right after they were founded. And my family were Missouri Mormons – as Midwestern as they could possibly get. I went to a church college where I sang in the Chapel Choir – we liked classical music, and were familiar with it. But there was not a single painting on the walls. Or any other kind of artwork, that I can remember.

Like the Puritans, we considered anything beautiful to be sinful.

I recently purchased Manet Paints Monet about the Impressionists – because, that was the only school of painting I was familiar with, and like everyone else, I liked their painting instinctively. The Wikipedia entry for Impressionism contains some fine examples of their art.


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