They Must be a Failure

I am still trying to understand Americans – because that was my personal past also. And this is one of my conclusions – they must be failures – and they are not satisfied until they are failures.

This takes some work, something Americans are not known for – but here their efforts are unstinting. I have already noted that they are determined to not know anything – and beyond that, to not be anything. Except, as I am noting today – to be a failure. That feels right to them.

The rest of the world should be horrified by this – but instead they are emulating them. America is the wave of the future – a self-destructing wave – that may eliminate the human race – or rebuild it. It’s too early to tell which way it will go – perhaps both ways at the same time.

I, Cringely has an article today – that says much the same thing – using many more worlds. It finishes this way:

True mastery, that’s what we’ve lost. No, we haven’t lost it: we threw it away.


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