People are not Taking Care of the World

They have always assumed that the World should take care of them. This was the basic assumption of both Christianity and Islam – that God created the World for his people. The Old Testament makes this clear. The New Testament, when it was written, did not challenge this – but the new Christian theologies are trying to.

But they have a problem – people can accept this new outlook consciously – but unconsciously they remain the same – stubborn as ever. This is most clearly seen in their attitude toward the climate. Climate Science has determined, without a doubt, that people have been changing the earth’s climate – and if they continue to change it – it will become uninhabitable. People are not only rejecting this finding – they are rejecting it violently – as counter to their religion.

In fact they have rejected Science also. They embraced it eagerly when it make them rich – better able to get the Earth’s goodies. But now the Earth has been depleted, they want no more Science. And they see no reason why they cannot get richer indefinitely.


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