Tech is Where It’s At

In 1980 I became part of High-Tech – because I needed a job. My twenty years as an Electronic Engineer were over – vacuum tubes had been replaced by the transistor. There were plenty of jobs in High-Tech – a chaotic environment where companies came and went like mushrooms – that were fed on manure.

No one knew what High-Tech was – you simply had to be there, to find out. This was not very smart – but that was typical of the time also – no one thought, they just did.

Eventually, we realized we were into the Computer – an ecosystem that evolved rapidly, extremely rapidly. All the money in the world went there – because that was where money was being made.

This would be a good place to digress, and discuss how money is made – a very complicated subject. But I can shorten this discussion by saying – the Global Economy was made possible by the Computer – both of which reinvented Money. This is hardly surprising – people make money – now with the assistance of the Computer – they make more and more of it all the  time.

This is most clearly seen in FinTech – which is definitely where it is at.  If you want to be there also – this is where you need to be.


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