The Deceitful Web

The Internet was not designed to facilitate honesty.

Now, after it has grown to be much larger than its designers anticipated, and used for more things than its designers ever anticipated – some of its faults are becoming clear. And a redesign is necessary.

It must be redesigned to enforce honesty. This would solve a huge number of problems – and make illegal behavior much more difficult. Why isn’t this being done? Because people (important people) don’t want it done.

They want to hide there and function unnoticed. And make the economy advantageous to them, and not others. The want to spy on everyone, without anyone spying on them. They want dishonesty on a global scale. Which is easy the way the Internet is set up now.

The solution – make sure everyone who uses the Web is clearly identified. This will not be easy, organizations of all kinds have become skilled at hiding who they are. But rule should be – anyone (or anything) on the Web is legally responsible for what they do there.

Can this be done? Not very well, because of national boundaries. China, for example, is busy getting American secrets (quite easily) – and America is trying to get theirs (not very successfully).

Everyone is stealing information from everyone else. And everyone wants this to continue.

A redesign of the Web will not stop this – it will only solve the smaller problem of honesty of the Web.

But it’s a step in the right direction.


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