The Ultimate Solution

We all know what this phrase meant for the Nazis – the Gas Chambers – where the undesirables were eliminated.

It’s important to understand what the Nazis were trying to do – purify the race. An impulse that is probably buried deep in the human psyche.

It is my opinion that something similar has happened nearly everywhere – the entire human race has been eliminated. They still exist in vast numbers – but they are incapable of thinking why they are there.

This may strike you as unimportant – why should they need to think? What good has thinking ever done anyone?

The answer to this is easy – the ability to think, using language – is what made us successful, as a species.

I once had an experience that left me unable to think, a TIA, a mini-stroke – that left me unable to talk, or use language. It was extremely frustrating – I couldn’t explain what had happened, even to myself.

This made a huge impression on me. And made me consider the possibility of a vast social event that would leave people mentally impaired – permanently.

People are social beings, and how they behave is profoundly affected by the society they are in.

In the 19th Century, this was the Industrial Society. Which had a permanent effect on us, both bad and good, but in one respect – very bad – it eliminated us as undesirables. The Industrial Revolution was the triumph of the machine – and people did not fit into such a society. The Machine had its goals, and people had theirs – and they were incompatible.

Let me go over that again. I said the Machine has its goals, when this is clearly impossible – a machine cannot have goals – but when people merge with their machines, the resulting mixture does have goals. But ones that are not good for people. And as a result – people were eliminated.

This was noticed by many people for over a hundred years. But the Coming of the Computer made criticism like this difficult. They could understand mechanical machines – but not the digital machine.

This is not because they are so hard to understand – but because the majority of the people had been conditioned to not understand anything.

And the majority is in control.


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