The Truth May Hurt, but It Also Heals

NY Times

As the people I worked with went to Microsoft, they then told the company about me, and suddenly I was interviewing at Microsoft when I was 16. They asked programming questions, but they also asked interview questions like “How do you know the light goes off in the refrigerator when you close the door?”

I had a baby sister, so I said, “I would put my baby sister in the refrigerator and then pull her out and check the dilation of her eyes.” They said, “That’s morbid, but it’s pretty clever,” and they hired me.

He happened to be the right person at the right time – right when Microsoft was getting started – and making many of its first employees millionaires.

The company he started himself is interesting to me because is is ethical – unlike most companies, it takes ethics seriously – and this has not hurt its success a bit.

This article explains how it does this. It’s straightforward (unusual in itself) – but unusual.


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