What the Hell is Going On?

I keep asking this question, and other people keep giving me answers.

In my inbox this morning, there are two of them that demand my attention:

Zombie politics: Europe, Turkey and the disposable human
This is about Europe – but it also applies to America and Canada,  where the author resides.

Trump isn’t just campaigning. He’s selling his supporters a glamorous life
This is about the USA. It wants to make Americans think – an impossible task.

These two are related at a deep level. Any input of mine is insignificant.

I am also reading Leading from the Emerging Future
This is from MIT, of all places. And it states that we must first understand where we are – before we try to make any changes. This not a new idea, but MIT also specifies a process that might accomplish this.

What all this boils down to is this – some people know what is going on (some of our brightest and smartest). But they can see that the vast majority are ignoring them.

I can see more than this – since I also spend time learning about the Computer. A new force that has saved the Industrial Economy by replacing it with one of its own. One result of this is that all of the references shown at the top of this article, are available on the Internet – and even more than that – in the Cloud, where they will exist forever.

Will this save the Human Race from itself?


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