Project Management

This is an interest of mine that few are interested in.

I keep wondering if Software Development techniques cannot be used in the larger world. The Software World is a tiny microcosm of the larger world – but they must have some things in common.

One thing it has is Project Management – which is talked about everywhere. But Software Development does it right – because it has ways of testing to see if a project is successful.

I must say, up front, that most software projects are failures – I worked in the Computer Industry for 20 years, in the Eighties and Nineties, and never worked on a successful project – and most of the companies I worked for soon ceased to exist. They didn’t seem to mind if they failed.

I watched in amazement as this happened – they had project management tools – some good tools, in fact – but didn’t bother to use them! They were determined to fail – and they did.

Some companies did use them however, and they quickly became successful – most notably Google and Amazon. They didn’t mind being successful – and in fact seemed to like it!

A new kind of Software Developer also appeared – who quickly improved on these tools – by using them. Meanwhile, I had dropped out, and moved to Costa Rica – but watched these new developments, with interest – as they occurred.

I am writing about two cultures here – one that is failure-oriented, and one that is success-oriented.

I much prefer the later – and want to make its success more general.

America, at present, has a dysfunctional culture – it has failed – and failed in nearly every way possible. Europe and China, the two other large economies – have failed  also. For much the same reason – the people in them wanted them to fail.

At this point, you will object violently to my assertion that everyone wants to fail. But I stick to my guns – and simply ask you to look at the evidence – what’s really going on in the world – in the Global Economy?

The Global Economy was made possible by the Computer – but the people in that economy do not understand it. And are determined to regress to an authoritarian state – such as the one that existed over five hundred years ago.

We need a new project – a project that will make people understand themselves!


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