Where You Have to be Good

This is about Software Development – where I have only modest skills, but in my meanderings there, I have noticed something unusual – some people are there just because they want to make it better!

This, in itself, is not unusual. There have always been people who wanted to make the world better – but their efforts have often been in vain. Other people have taken advantage of their goodness – and ripped them off. Good and Bad in the Human World, have been about evenly matched.

But the Software World is different. There goodness comes naturally, as part of the process of making software better. People there keep seeing ways to do it better – and promptly launch into the considerable effort of doing just that – and then give away their efforts!

They have developed some sophisticated ways of sharing their developments – ways that are legally binding. But these work mainly because developers like them know that cooperation is better than competition. This is a subtle, but highly significant change – that most people do not want to know about.

This is a moral revolution that has not been recognized – and I want to correct that.

Why hasn’t it been recognized?

Software Development is an esoteric endeavor – a different world, actually, that is not hard to understand, once you make the effort to do so. But most people do not want to understand it – for the same reason (or reasons) that they do not want to understand anything.

They have made a huge effort not to understand anything – but software makes its designers understand what they are doing. If they don’t, what they are doing will not work.

This is a complete contrast to people who simply use software – which is designed to be used by idiots. Designers and users are radically different kinds of people.

Software designers have to be good – but software users can be as bad as they please.


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