Everyone Must Be Identified

We live in a dangerous world – and we can no longer afford the luxury of anonymity – where people can exist without being easily identified – which facilitates terrorist attacks.

This is a sad state of affairs, but one we have to come to grips with. We have to recognize how the world now works – and take steps to minimize its defects. Privacy is still important – but security is also. We can have both – if we plan for them.

The first step, is an improved method of identifying people (retinal scanning, for example)  – and a database containing pertinent facts about them. These exist already – companies know a great deal about us, and what our shopping preferences are. The Federal Government has stored every phone conversation made by every American – and other people also. Much of our privacy is gone already – too much of it.

We have to back up, and decide how to manage all this information – and by “We” I mean all Americans. Coordinating, as much as possible, with other nations – most prominently the EU.

We will have to decide how to use encryption – an important technology that needs protection. And we need a sensible drug policy – not the war on drugs we have now.

We gotta start using our smarts – instead of being used by smarter people.


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