The Industrial Machine Made Us Powerful and Inhuman

The Machine is part of the package we call Civilization – a package with many components – so many we cannot even imagine them. The Machine gave us the ability to organize ourselves – for good or for bad.

The history of empires is the history of developing more powerful machines. All built of people and their animals and plants. This was our first hierarchy – we lorded it over our animals and plants. Or, to put it another way – our animals and plants got us to make them very successful. At the expense of the rest of the world.

The Roman Empire was successful because of the superior organization of its army and its civil infrastructure – its roads and its ships – and its aqueducts and sewers. And one more thing – its ruthlessness.

All of which could be scaled up – until it became too big and collapsed.  There is a moral for us here – making things bigger works – but only up to a point. If we were smart, we would be asking ourselves how our global economy has become too big – and is collapsing. If we were smart, that is.

But I have gotten ahead of myself – by several hundred years. In Northern Europe we got hit by – the Reformation, Science, and the Industrial Revolution. A triple whammy with an irresistible consequence – it made us affluent. The South remained Catholic and poor.

The key component here was the mechanical machine – powered by fossil fuels. A truly awesome discovery that we have never recovered from – and was the cause of WWI, the Depression, WWII – and the Holocaust.

Until we discovered the ultimate machine – the Computer, which I am using right now to write this blog. There is a huge struggle going on to reverse the past – and make this machine serve us – instead us serving it. A struggle which the majority of the population is oblivious of.

They are only part of the Machine – when what we need is people that can control the Machine.


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