Fixing the World is Only Considered by Those Who Already Have it Made

I am spending time being influenced by MIT’s U.lab – I have their book and I watch their MOOC. And I cannot help but feel they are right. They are determined to fix their world – and they know how to do that.

But they are only part of the World – North America and Northern Europe. They believe in a future they can influence – but no one else does – 99 percent of the World.

In America, this belief only resides in the Northeast Coast and the California Coast – in MIT and Stanford – only in a tiny part of the country. This idea may spread – I certainly hope so – but that is far from certain.

The EU is badly fragmented by the same divide – those that believe they can control their future, and those that cannot even control their present.

In China, the Party thinks it can control their future – but this is looking doubtful.


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