If You Are Not Interested in the World, the World is Not Interested in You

This is another posting about Americans – toward which I have a love/hate relationship – mostly hate.

I now live in rural Costa Rica, which is far from perfect. During Holy Week, which is going on now – they are obsessed with religion, and can think of nothing else.

I adjusted my schedule, and went shopping at a Walmart store in the nearest large town on Wednesday, instead of Thursday. And picked up my new headphone that had been flown in from Miami. Even so, the town was crammed with people doing their last-minute shopping before everything closed down.

Latin America has inherited a late-medieval culture that was obsessed with religion – and was not interested in this life – but the eternal life that came after it. Gringo culture is the apposite – it is only interested in getting rich – now! This has the advantages of affluence (lots of material goods) – but the extreme disadvantage of a dislike of people.

And people who are not interested in the World – but only in the world of Business – that has become their religion. This is a dangerous trend, because the World cannot be ignored. At one time people could ignore it – and the World could ignore them – since there were not many of us.

But now the World is full of people – there are too many of us – and the World is fighting back – and refusing to support us anymore. And Americans are saying “We don’t care about the World, and what it wants – but only what we want!”

Not very smart.


One thought on “If You Are Not Interested in the World, the World is Not Interested in You

  1. We are survivors and that means climbing the ladder of wealth until we are sitting pretty.
    Often religion has very little or no effect on selfish ambition ,it can be used as a camouflage to our activities.
    The very act of success and multiplication may be our downfall.
    The successful man believes his future is secure and does not look for snags or shrugs them off with distain. They shut up John the Baptist by cutting off his head but he is springing up from the dead all around us.
    Sprinkled among the the worldlings are the caring and concerned saviours and meeting them fills me with joy.

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