The Computer Has Made Business More Ruthless

The big event of the 19th Century was Industrialization, which had two components – Manufacturing and Transportation. This was followed in the first half of the 20th Century by WWI, the Depression, and WWII. All the results of Industrialization.

Business came through all this more important than ever. Let me restate this – Industry had morphed into Business – which was not interested in benefiting the Human Race.

This was followed by Television and the Computer, both networked technologies – and it seemed to many that we had entered a new era, vastly better than the last.

But our optimism was misplaced as Business merged with these new technologies to make a world that even our worst dreams had not imagined. Industrialization had not been overcome, but enhanced.

However, our ability to understand this, or anything else, was greatly diminished. We were more powerful, but not more intelligent. A deadly combination.

The last half of the last century deserves a closer look. It started off with Television – where the TV Industry quickly learned how to turn its viewers into idiots. A state they seemed to enjoy, and which they may never recover from.

This was followed by the Computer and its networks – the Internet and Wireless. Which people thought was an enhanced TV, made to entertain them. But Business was much smarter, and saw it as their golden opportunity to take over the whole world – which it proceeded to do.

The Human World now consists of two components –¬†Business and everything else – the millions of people who are of no use to it, because it does not need many workers anymore. The Computer has made it more efficient – computers can do many things people used to do – and much cheaper.

But some of these people are Computer People who are busy making the Computer better and better. They are not bad people themselves, but they are a part of Business – which is bad. They know this, and it makes them uncomfortable.

A better world may result from this conflict – or it may not. It depends on migrating the technologies learned in making better computers – into making better societies.

So far as I know, this is not happening very much.


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