Business is Bad

I am not saying every business is bad – but I am saying the basic impulse behind Business is bad – the pursuit of Power.

This not a new criticism, it was directed at the Roman Empire in its heyday. It was an outstanding success – but it did not make the world any better, and it failed – and took its world down with it. If it had a solid moral underpinning, it would have been different – and its world would have been different. It would have been Good, not Bad.

Immediately people will exclaim, as with one voice:

You cannot be powerful and good! To get ahead, you have to put some people down. There are winners and losers in this world, and you have to chose which one you want to be.

Not everyone will agree with them, in theory – but in practice they cannot see anything wrong with it. That’s the only way to get ahead – and stay ahead.

What do most people say? They don’t say anything, but stay carefully on the sidelines – waiting to see which side wins. And right now the bad guys are winning, and they cheer for them.

There is another way of managing this – asserting that morality does not apply to Business. Whatever it does is acceptable, as long as its not illegal. And it’s perfectly alright to push the boundaries of the Law as far as possible.

This is clearly immoral – but who worries about that?


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