How to Deal With a Technically Complicated World

I am just going through this process myself. For reasons too complicated to go into here, I decided to learn the Linux operating system.

I am using the Windows operating system to write this blog, but it is full of bugs. The Linux system is a clean system, and has few of them. That’s why the Internet (and the Cloud) runs on Linux servers, not Windows servers. There are millions of them, working away in huge processing centers, using huge amounts of electricity – but you and I are stuck with Windows.

Linux has a special site that explains itself, in great detail. And believe me, the details are very complicated!

This has forced me to ask “How do people cope with all this complexity?” The answer seems to be “They don’t!” They just pretend it is not there – and let other people take care of it.

That is why Windows still exists – IBM chose Microsoft for its PC, even though it knew it was not much of an operating system – and everyone else has copied IBM. The Computer companies are not interested in making good computers – but only in making money.

And fast and dirty is cheaper.


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