The Self-Destruction of the Democratic Party

I am reading Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People? Thomas Frank, as usual, is doing a good job of roasting his liberals. You ought to read it.

But he misses something important – the rise of the Information economy – which is really the Computer economy. Which everyone is ignoring – even as it eats their lunch. They are determined not to know – especially about the Computer.

The Democratic Party was one of its victims. They served it (and its trade agreements) with all their might – only to have their Savior turn on them. But for them, this is only natural – they have been bad (by not attaining perfection) and they are being punished for it.

By contrast, I am learning about the Computer – and I have a good feel for what it is. I have gotten in bed with it – but have not gone all the way.

This has completely messed up my sex life – but at my age, that hardly matters.


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