What Do We Think of People?

Not much.

And that is hardly surprising – we don’t think about much of anything. To our way of thinking, there is not much worth thinking about – and so we don’t think.

But I must explain who “we” are. We are the products of mass production and mass entertainment – in short, the Mass. We consume everything, and are destroying everything – including ourselves.

You no doubt think I am exaggerating. I am. But I am making a valid point that has to be made at the expense of some exaggeration – we have to recognized that the world is in bad shape – and we have made it that way.

This is hardly a new observation, it has been made forever. The Old Testament is full of examples – and examples of God’s wrath against his transgressors. It’s entertaining reading. And suitable for small children of all ages.

In our time, we have replaced God with the Market – that is even more demanding. And which has assigned most of the world’s population to extinction – it no longer needs them. They do not think this is fair – but the Market is not interested in their feelings – it is only interested in results – hard facts. The result is a total mess – that we do not want to think about – and cannot think about.

I must summarize – the world is full of surplus people, who are getting by on the crumbs of existence – in the case of the affluent countries, crumbs the rest of the world would love to have – but worthless crumbs anyway. And this condition is not likely to improve anytime soon.

I must return to what we are. We are an amazing assortment of objects and forces that are related in complex ways. We can be forgiven for being confused about what we are – but we are responsible for it anyway.


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