People Want to Understand

This, it seems to me, is what being human amounts to – satisfying our curiosity.

We have a huge brain for a good reason – so we can understand our world – using language. Eventually this became the reason for Science. But in our time, we have lost interest in language (in poetry) – and in Science also.

We have ceased to be – and that suits us fine. When we should be horrified by our situation. Let me put it this way:

We like being idiots.

Idiots do not understand – but are happy being this way.

The world does not consist entirely of idiots – it is full of people who are doing their best, using their limited understanding. And I cannot speak for everyone in the world – for the billions of people I have never known.

I will limit myself to the people I know – Americans. Who have worked themselves into a very strange place – they do not want to think about.

Let me go over that statement again – Americans have gotten themselves into a state they do not want to think about. This is not entirely accurate. There are Americans who do think – and think very well. I acknowledge their writing frequently in this blog.

But these intelligent people have overlooked one important factor – that most of the people are stupid, and are going to stay that way. They do not overlook this entirely, they speak of it occasionally – but they do not seem to think it is a big problem.

I do. If the world is full of mass incompetents, the world could hardly be worse off.

There are good reasons for their idiocy – and we should try to understand what they are. But we also have a duty to ourselves, and them – to recognize our situation.

We have to say “This is the way it is!” And say it loud and clear. Instead of looking at one piece at a time, and addressing its specialists. Assuming we can solve one piece at a time in isolation.

We have ended up, entirely by accident, with a global community – with global problems that are far too big for us to solve. Hell, as Americans we have problems we cannot solve.

This, it seems to me, is easy enough to see – and we ought to say so.


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