Religion is Stupid

This is obvious. But has this always been the case?

In the beginning, when we became civilized in Mesopotamia, we were very religious – but also very intelligent. Religion did not make us stupid then.

When did Religion start making us stupid?

This is not hard to answer – this was one of the results of the Reformation, which was followed by the Industrial Revolution, and the rise of Science.

The impact of Science on Religion seems clear to us now – but as recently as William James The Varieties of Religious Experience (1902), Science was not seen as hostile to Religion. Scientists who are hostile to Religion are a recent development, and should be regarded skeptically.

But the religious enthusiasms of the 19th and 20th Centuries were clearly irrational, and are still active today. This is true of Christianity and Islam. They do not try to be rational – but insist on its opposite – the more irrational a religious belief is, the better. This is stupid, and everyone knows it.

Many Christian religions have tried to change and make themselves appropriate for our times. But these efforts have not been successful.

We can now say Religion is Stupid – and overlook our new Religion – Business.

Which we worship with a passion.


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