Be Slightly Drunk in the Afternoon

I use two drugs – Caffeine and Alcohol.  I prefer Caffeine in the morning and Alcohol in the afternoon.

Along with another addiction – reading and writing. I use the Kindle App for PC for my reading (I have a huge Kindle library, that lives on the Cloud) and for my writing (it lets advertisers search my writing, I am sure – but it costs me nothing).

I also use Audible for recorded books, which I play back on a Sansa Clip-Zip player. I can listen to it, with my eyes closed, laying on a bed – listening to the world’s best literature.

I subscribe to medici. tv, which has a huge library of recorded classical music. Right now, I am watching Anna Netbrebko (scantly clad, singing Russian songs) and Daniel Barenboim (fully clothed, at the piano).

It’s not as good as sex used to be – but at my age, I can’t complain.


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