Money is Controlled by Companies

This seems obvious, and we cannot see it any other way. But it’s an assumption that needs examining. Why is our world dominated by companies with a dubious morality? What gives them the right to have most of our money?

Perhaps the best way to go about this is to start with Morality. What is the best way for us to manage our affairs?

Immediately, we run into a problem – people do not want to be burdened with the responsibility for running the world. They want some responsibility – the right to spend their money as they please – once they get some of it. But nothing more.

They do not live in their world – but someone else’s – the Rich and Powerful. They have most of the money, and can do with it as they please.

What we end up with is a social structure with inequality built into it. Most of the world’s money is elsewhere – busy making more money – at their expense.

This does not bother them – because they identify with the people who have all that money. They may not have much, but the people over them do – and they share in their glory.

This is a strange state of affairs – and requires further examination. At one time, the wealthy exhibited their wealth ostentatiously – now they are more circumspect, the wear the same clothes, but live in gated communities, fly in their own jets – and elect their own governments. And they are getting away with it – because the rest of the people identify with them. And are busy climbing the ladder – that will make them rich also. At the expense of others, of course.

But this is not the whole story. A growing number of people are part of the machinery that makes this possible – and they are not happy with it. The machinery I am referring to, is the Computer – and those who manage it. They are not usually interested in social issues – but only in making the Computer work better.

I must explain with an example – encryption. Which makes secure communication possible for everyone – the good guys and the bad guys. The overall benefit is enormous – secure information for the information economy.

But we have not transitioned from the Industrial Economy – which will not tolerate secure information. It has to know everything about everyone – which lets it control everything.

Including all the money.


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