They do not Want to Hear Bad Things About Them

They do want to hear bad things about other people, however. And they want to do bad things to them, in order to punish them. This is true overseas – we art at war with nearly all of the Gulf states. And at home – we have more people incarcerated than any nation in history.

I continue to read Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies – and I continue to be impressed by it.

And I continue to feel that something is missing – no one can argue with what it is saying, but it is having little effect. It is preaching to the choir (and doing a great job of this) – but the audience is missing.

The audience being the mass of the people – who do not think very well – but, because of their numbers (at least 80% of the population) dominate world events.

These are the people I am writing about – that do not want to hear bad things about them.

I suspect this situation is global – but I will limit my remarks to Americans – whom I know all too well, since I am one myself. They are in a strange situation (no one will argue with that) – and I ask myself “How did they get this way?”

Some of the answers are in Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People? – which illuminates the Presidency of Bill Clinton and his wife.

Some excellent books have been written about this – but the mass of the people do not read! They watch movies and videos – that keep them entertained.

Text does not interest them – especially text that is critical of them.


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