What HDMI is For


This defines the HDMI standard. The Computer Industry depends on standards, it could not operate without them – but special-interest groups also try to subvert them, for their own purposes. This result is standards of widely varying quality.

I once worked for a company in Silicon Valley (Adaptec) that built its business around the SCSI standard. It knew all of its weaknesses – and used them to keep other companies from building SCSI adapters. It made a lot of money that way.

I have no idea how good the HDMI standard is – I only know I was forced to use it without knowing what I was doing. And I am writing this to help other unfortunates.

Most computers have an HDMI output so its video display can be shown on other monitors – often much larger ones.

I bought this display from Amazon. I was not impressed by it – I had to add some cardboard to the swivel base to keep it from flopping around, The artwork on the package said it was a pillow monitor to be used in a convertible car by attractive young people.

I was surprised when it displayed the MDHI output from my Windows 7 computer – although not very reliably.

The MDHI technology still needs to be worked on.


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