Americans Feel They Must Hate People

And they also feel they must carefully cover this up – so that even they are not aware of it. In this way, they are successful people. But people looking at their immanent collapse.

I was born into their most successful period, the twenty years after WWII, when they were the richest nation in history. Something they attributed to their ruthless attitude towards people – including themselves. They knew they had succeeded because they had put commercial values over personal ones.

I remember when our family visited Mexico back in the late forties and early fifties. We were treated like favored guests, that had discovered the secret of making money. Mexico was a nice place at the time – not like it is now, with all of its drug violence – caused by America’s insatiable desire for drugs. We enjoyed being in a nice country – for a change. We were successful – but we paid a high price for this – we were no longer human.

This was the world I was born into – and which baffled me completely. Like them, I was part human and part something else I did not want to think about.

I must say more about the social climate of  my childhood. I was the product of a dysfunctional family – to use today’s terminology – our parents did not love us, because they had not been loved. In fact, they hated us – and considered that normal. Not a good place for a child to be. And it did not get better as I grew up and entered the workplace.

A country that does not value people cannot survive for long. And that is the situation America is now in. It thinks it can get ahead by being bad – and is not surprised when much of the world feels the same way.

It is part of the war of all against all – and feels comfortable there.


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