Forced to Get Closer to Microsoft

When I got my NextBook, I got some surprises – the built-in Windows 10 made me get closer to Microsoft than I really wanted to be.

This will no doubt surprise you “What’s wrong with being close to Microsoft?” You may ask.

You will be flattered to know that computer companies want you – no matter how insignificant you may be. Because you have connections. And these connections have connections – and so on. They know “No man is an island!” Better than anyone before them. And they know how to connect with those connections.

Everyone and everything is now casting their net widely – and the more fish there are in it, the better. The parallel to Christianity is obvious.

And here is where the parallel to Christianity is even more relevant. Because the Evil One is also spreading his net. And as smart little fish, we have to chose carefully. Which net do we want to be in?

Microsoft has done some fine things, don’t get me wrong. But it has also done some bad things, and we have to stay away from the bad things.

For example, Microsoft wants you to use your Microsoft Account for everything – including Microsoft Office and the Microsoft Cloud (Azure). This may be fine for you, but I prefer Google, which gives me even more. Or you may prefer Apple.

You have to chose which walled garden to live in. And the choice you make will have some surprising consequences.


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