A Self-Destructive Frenzy

As I look back over my life, I cannot help but be amazed by it. And to be amazed by how little others are amazed by it. They seem to feel that nothing amazing happened to them at all.

This must be because what happened – happened to them, not something they want to think about. They have developed a remarkable ability to not be aware of what was happening to them. And they consider that their greatest accomplishment.

But this has to be paired with another of their accomplishments – their destructiveness! They have destroyed the greatest nation in history in only fifty years, or so – in the period from WWII to the present. And instead of being ashamed of this – they are proud of it! Perhaps they have the right to be proud, because the rest of the developed world has followed their example.

Let me put this another way, looking at it over a longer period of time. The European Industrial World collapsed late in the 19th Century, which resulted in WWI – which didn’t affect America much. Then America contributed the Great Depression, that wrecked the global economy, as it existed. This caused reactionary movements everywhere, Fascism (even in Japan) and Nazism in Germany. WWII resulted, which America, with its enormous industrial capacity, won.

America was on top of the world. But the Industrial Culture, and the Industrial Economy, could not last much longer. It had scaled up as far as it could go – and after that could only go down. This has happened many times before – empires rose and empires fell.

But then something happened that seemed to stop this trend – the Computer arose and created its own economy! I was part of this movement, and can report on it accurately. It was a scene of immense destructiveness – computer companies arose and then disappeared like mushrooms growing on manure. Trillions of dollars were wasted. And no one noticed what was going on!

I had to get out, and moved to Costa Rica. A backwater of the global economy to which the American Insanity had not yet penetrated. And from where I could watch further developments unfold.

I saw two developments happening at the same time. The Computer keeps getting better and better – while the people using it keep getting worse and worse.

This is probably an eternal pattern – a society develops a technology (or technologies) that make it more powerful, and dominant. But this dominance does not last – for a number of reasons, which no one understands at the time – or even later. People cannot change as quickly as their technologies, and this results in a collapse of the overall structure.

All we can do is look at where we are on the growth/collapse curve. And decide to do something about it – or to do nothing, and just let it happen.

We have decided on the later.


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