The Assad Files

New Yorker

This is a huge document, because the evidence that backs it up is huge. It really should be put in a database, so it could be searched effectively. This is Big Data, something the computer is good at. We are overwhelmed with data, and we need some help in understanding it.

I’m sure the legal profession is already doing this – but it needs to be brought up-to-date. This article attempts to do this as a chronological narrative covering many areas and many organizations. The reader will have to put the facts together in his head as best he can.

This quote will help:

When the activists and the lawyers—now investigators—returned to Syria, Wiley drafted a plan to create the Commission for International Justice and Accountability, and drew up a budget. Although Britain continued its support, finding other donors proved challenging. Western governments allot hundreds of millions of dollars to human-rights projects each year, but Wiley told me that their typical response to his requests for funding was “What you’re proposing to do is something that governments do, or the United Nations does, and the International Criminal Court does.” Eventually, with Rapp’s backing, the CIJA secured three million euros from the European Union. After that, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, and Canada also pledged consistent funding.

The U.S. is not mentioned.


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