Computers Make Sense – People Do Not

This is not fair to the Social Sciences – who have been hard at work figuring out how we work. And who have been ignored completely. People don’t want to know how they work – and are deeply suspicious of Science – that is interested in how everything works.

People only want to be entertained, not informed. And there is a huge difference.

Right here, I should probably stop because no one wants to hear this. But I will push on, for the sake of developing my argument.

People now have one overriding necessity – how to live in a world that does not want people in it. Perhaps this is putting it too strongly – but that is clearly the situation, it seems to me. As a result, people turn off – they cease to be. And they consider the kind of people they now are – to be far superior to what they used to be. And not only that, they believe they have not changed at all!

No one can tell them what they now are – because they do not want to know. This is probably the greatest difference between what people used to be – and what they are now.

They do not want to understand.


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