The Election-Industrial Complex

Harpers – Down the Tube

Calling this the Election-Industrial Complex is misleading. It should simply be called the Election Advertising Industry – with most of the advertising being done on Television. And most of that advertising money is wasted. Here is the opening paragraph:

“I never met a politician who started out to be a fund-raiser,” remarked Mike McKenna, a Republican energy lobbyist and recipient of constant pleas for cash from lawmakers. For years, he has watched them dial for dollars and endure nightly gatherings convened for the extraction of donations — “grim affairs,” in his phrase — because they have been convinced such efforts are vital for survival at the polls. “Most of them run for office because they want to achieve something,” he told me. “But once they get there, they spend their time raising money. I don’t know a single one who enjoys it.” Ironically, he explained over a beer on K Street, most of the money they raise is wasted, especially on expensive TV campaigns that do nothing to move voters. The principal effect of these labors, he insisted, is to “feed the consultant class.”

You can read the rest of the article yourself, if you want to. I never finished it.

It was too depressing.


One thought on “The Election-Industrial Complex

  1. I have found this year’s USA presidential election process fascinating and educational. I never realized the influence of the political system’s establishment on the nomination process and totally missed the fact that the delegate election process, not the primaries, was a hidden control mechanism of the establishment! And I have been involved in the process itself for quite a long time. Amazing!

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