The Fatal Attraction of Self-Destruction

This subject comes under the heading of insanity – something only humans are afflicted with (and their dogs). This disability is usually something that the afflicted is not aware of.

We live in unusual times,  very unusual times – something that most people are not aware of – and do not want to be aware of. Mass insanity is everywhere – and is denied everywhere.

First thing this morning, I downloaded The 5 Core Truths to All Self-Destructive Behavior: Fresh Ideas in a Rigid World and immediately I felt better – I am not the only one to notice this problem. As the author says – I have seen so many people self-destruct I can hardly believe it – including a beloved wife who ended up killing herself.

Still almost everyone will deny that insanity is rampant. It is not a pleasant thing to see – and for this reason most people do not see it. They protect themselves by not being aware – of anything.

This is the oldest problem in the book, and has been noticed for hundreds of years. And is getting worse under the impact of mass communications – TV and the Computer.

I must carefully distinguish between the technologies and industries that exploit them. They are what has caused more insanity in our times – organizations that make people weaker – so they can make themselves stronger. And these organizations are everywhere.

“No, no no!” Everyone will scream, “It’s not that way!” If only they would scream, instead of maintaining a stony silence – which is their way (a very effective way) of attacking the facts.

They are being violent by being passive.


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