The Impact of Business on People

Without giving this a moment’s thought, we can say that its effect on people has been huge. But then  we must add that its effect has been beneficial – somehow.

We should say that its effect has been both beneficial and harmful – but to do this we will have to go back in time to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, which was only a couple of centuries ago. This began in England, and quickly produced the effects we can still see today – huge income inequalities and environmental degradation.

And a new attitude towards people – the poor working class and the rich Capitalists. This soon moved to America, which became the world’s most powerful Industrial country. Capitalism collapsed in Europe at the end of the 19th Century, and resulted in WWI – but had little effect on America. However, America did contribute the Great Depression, which led to WWII – from which it emerged triumphant. With something new – a Middle Class.

But back in the Thirties, however, when I was born – there were still working class people. My father’s family were blue-collar workers – but he rejected them. And considered himself a cut above them – a small businessman. But Big Business was quickly taking over. And left him behind.

When I speak of Business now – I am referring to Big Business, a global phenomena. The individual companies in it may be small – but they are part of something much bigger – and they know it. They have taken over the world – and can treat the people in it shabbily.

I could not stand this, and moved to Costa Rica. This gives me the chance to observe the advantages and disadvantages of Industrialization. One advantage was affluence – and one disadvantage was depersonalization. Large effects that both cultures are reluctant to address.

This has been a long posting – because the subject was large – the Impact of Business on People – that have barely gotten started on it.

But one conclusion is clear – Business has gotten too big for its britches – and it should scaled back to be something people can manage.


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