The Close Connection Between my Colon and my Brain

The connection between the nervous system and the digestive system has always been a mystery. The digestive system came first, and can operate independently.

You can see this at work, using a microscope to focus on an amoeba, an amazing creature, crawling along, finding food, ingesting it, digesting it, and eliminating it. Without any nerve tissue at all.

The molecular level is even more amazing – there is a huge amount of activity being performed by some large molecules, such as proteins and enzymes – and our newest findings – DNA and RNA. All of this in a single cell!

You and I have billions of cells – organized even more amazingly. With a huge brain – really a series of brains – organized to do different things. Using nerves to transmit orders and collect information – input and output – to use computer terms.

When I wake up in the morning – I take a shit. My colon does this automatically, it tells my brain what needs to be done – and my brain follows orders. I’m not telling you anything here.

Then I settle down for the most important part of my day – writing in my blog. If I do some amazing writing (by my standards) – I immediately feel the urge – to shit! Here the process works in reverse – my brain tells my colon what to do!

Our two systems – the digestive system and the nervous system – work together harmoniously. Except in cases of mental disorder – when things can get badly messed up. We eat too much or too little – or eat (or drink) things that are not good for us at all.

Our minds are a blessing and a curse – both!


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