Who wants to know anything when things are so bad?

I think this is a fair summary of the way things are now. People have given up on their world, and are in no mood to help it. If their world has not been good to them – why should they be good to it?

This is covered up, however, by the mass entertainment that is so readily available. If people feel uncomfortable, they pull out their smartphone, to see what is going on there. It will do its best to make them forget their problems. To make them stupid!

This, is seems to me, is the crime of the Computer Industry – it has made people stupid.

They will respond by saying they only want to make people feel good – and to do this, they have to make them overlook the effects of Business on them.

What do I mean by Business here? I mean an authoritarian oligarchy whose tentacles control all of contemporary life.

I refer you to How the Lobbyists Win in Washington a sobering view of how things are there. I have cousins who live in the DC area – but they are determined to know nothing of this. They are not bad people, but they are certainly ignorant – and determined to remain that way.

In fact, they are proud of their ignorance – and don’t mind showing it off. They still belong to the church their parents did – and I watched a video of the President-Prophet of their church displaying his stupidity for all the world to see. Their church is finished – but their ignorance keeps them from seeing this.

This situation (the American insanity) may be hard to understand – but we can easily feel what is going on – by paying attention to the attitude of the people around us.


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