Americans are Not Interested in People

They are only interested in power.

Putting it this way gives us new insights on where we are. And since America is leading the way – in much of the rest of the world also.

It clarifies the question “Are Americans bad people?” By noting instead that they are merely power-mad. A very human weakness. But one that produces a lot of human suffering. As has been known for over a thousand years.

Is there any solution for this power-madness? I don’t see any, because the first step would be recognizing that it exists. Americans have no trouble recognizing it exists – and admitting that something should be done about it  – but can do nothing about it. The book Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People? does a good job of explaining this.

This basic human weakness has become embedded in the world of Business. Which, because of a series of powerful networked technologies, has become the global economy – Globalization. We can recognize that this exists – but cannot see its impact on us. Seeing it (seeing who we have become) would be too painful. We think.

Speaking as one who has recognized it (or at least some of it, in my own life) I can say it is not all that devastating an experience. But I can also see that no one agrees with me – that no one even wants to get close to it. As if they were skirting around a time-bomb that could go off at any time.

What would happen if this time-bomb went off? Our economy would be finished.It is based on assumptions that we have to believe in, to make it work.

We would still exist – and plenty of us – but there would be no jobs for most of us.Manufacturing provided plenty of good jobs. But the Computer economy doesn’t need many people.

What if it has already gone off – and our economy has changed fundamentally? But people are confused about this? This, it seems to me – is our situation now.

We live in a Computer economy – but insist we are still in an Industrial economy.

As the world goes straight to Hell.


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