History usually records only the personalities and the acts of the great and the good – or of the very bad

Into what category will history place us? In the very bad. We are not just bad – but very bad. And we are proud of this.

I can say this, from my computer in Costa Rica, without fear of retribution. The powers that be can easily overlook my rants – since I am no threat to them.

This was not always the case. I am listening to Classics of Russian Literature where one of Russia’s greatest poets, Pushkin, was taken very seriously – and hounded from one place to the next – all over the vast steppe-land that would become Russia. Fortunately for him, he had a photographic memory – and could easily reproduce anything he had written. When Russia became the Soviet Union – other free-thinkers did not fare so well – as you know.

In America now – you can say what you want – knowing it will be buried in the mountain of trivia, produced by everyone and everything. We do not have a photographic memory – but the Cloud does.

Let me return to my original assertion – that we have become very bad – but no one is punishing us for this. Why not? Because this is the way we are supposed to be. We are simply following orders – as Eichmann did. He was kidnapped and forced to stand trial.

But we know this is not likely to happen to us.


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