We Have Gotten Better at Hiding Who We Are

This is not surprising – we have been learning from experts at this – the designers of our multimedia experiences – which are so satisfying, we don’t notice how they have covered up the real world.

This explains why, as we have become more technically competent – we have become less socially competent. We have put all our energy out there – instead of in here. Because the real world (which includes who we really are) now appears threatening, instead of inviting.

We are now far different from what we were only a few hundred years ago – but we cannot be aware of this – because a permanent barrier has been erected between who we think we are – and who we really are.

I am guilty of helping to erect this barrier – I have been hard at work studying the latest ways of making the Computer interface more powerful – and therefore, more appealing. I can see through this barrier easily – because I know how it works. But for most people it seems rock-solid.

I can only resort to saying, once again “The forces you fear are not as real as you think – and are in the process of collapsing!”

I would compare it to the Fall of the Roman Empire – most Romans could not see their world ending – until the barbarians showed up at their gates. Americans are no brighter – and won’t wake up until it is too late.

I encourage you to read Can He Be Stopped? about Trump in the New York Review. Here is the final paragraph:

Clinton should be mindful of these spare legitimate strands of Trumpismus, strands that Sanders in his very different way has sought to identify and appeal to, and think of ways to reach the millions of people who live in shelled-out communities and have made no economic progress. Many, probably most of them, are motivated more by hate and fear, and they’ll stick with Trump. But it would still be an error to write them off. That will only push them en bloc into the demagogue’s embrace. He shouldn’t be allowed to win any more victories for lack of opponents.

All of the presidential candidates show us what bad shape America is in – but Trump especially.


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