The Evolution of Capitalism as an Evolution of Consciousness

This idea is taken from Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies – written under the auspices of MIT – location  783 in the Kindle Version.

According to the British historian Arnold Toynbee, societal progress happens as an interplay of challenge and response: Structural change happens when a society’s elite can no longer respond creatively to major social challenges, and old social formations are therefore replaced by new ones. Applying Toynbee’s framework of challenge and response to the socioeconomic development of our societal structures today, we briefly review capitalism’s evolution.

What follows is a detailed table of Society 1.0 through Society 4.0 – and we are in Society 3.0.

The most radical advocates for change are now MIT in Boston and Stanford in Silicon Valley!

No one (conservative or liberal) seems to take them seriously. They want to make the world better – but the world is not interested in getting better.


One thought on “The Evolution of Capitalism as an Evolution of Consciousness

  1. Sad, but true. There are only a few individuals who are interested in change. Your post reminds me of the Frankfurt School, Adorno and Horkheimer. They tried to change capitalist society through critical theory. A good approach, but mostly forgotton today.

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